Black female athletes: Things are better, but far from fair

Panel at Morgan State focuses on obstacles facing women in sports


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Professional softball player AJ Andrews participates in a panel discussion on black female athletes at Morgan State University on Nov. 13. Lawrence Jackson

For decades, black female athletes have faced criticism, inequality, lack of support and unrealistic societal expectations. Although there has been progress, it hasn’t been enough. Continue reading

Salute to the Runaway Slave Le’Veon Bell

By: Jarrod Horton

Staff Writer

NFL running back Le’Veon Bell made a bold decision and decided he wasn’t going to report to his team and not play football this season. Prior to this season, the 26 year old star running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers has been considered one of, if not the best player at his position. Le’Veon dispute with his team over receiving a long term contract has been one of the biggest storylines in sports this year. Le’Veon refusal to play also meant he would be forfeiting the  $14 million dollar salary that the Steelers was going to pay him this season. Continue reading