17-year-old Rutvik Oza Solves an Unsolved Problem in Mathematics

When the young achiever was asked how he was feeling, he replied: “Thrilled; I really didn’t realize at first that the problem that I had solved was an open problem in mathematics. It was only later that I reckoned after doing some resourcing on the web, that it was an open problem.” He dedicated the achievement to his father. “It’s all due to my father. He sowed the seeds of mathematics in me from my childhood. I dedicate this to him,” he said.

“Mathematics interests me a lot. May it be any area of it – arithmetic, algebra or geometry; I love them all. It strengthens the faculties of originality, creativity and novelty in one’s brain. Memorizing it won’t help. That’s the way it’s taught in our schools here. I criticize that method of teaching fervently. Hardly any real mathematics is taught at the schools. I do not consider the schools responsible for it but yes, the entire system is definitely at fault,” he added. When asked for a message that he wished to give his fellow teenagers, he said, “Do what you love! Follow your dreams. Expect for no support from anybody and overcome all obstacles that hinder you. No other mantra.”

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 This Article Appeared in The Black Truth News Volume 4 Issue 6

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