Dallas TX, Music Conference

July 1st 2006.Downtown Dallas, I was staying at the Hyatt Regency hotel, for Mike Mood Swing music conference. I was scheduled to interview TI’s longtime producer DJ Toomp for a now defunct New York based magazine. Upon my journey for the producer, I see OG Ron C standing in the halls. I had previously seen him earlier that day.
He was on a panel that featured other esteem DJ’s and radio personalities including DJ Toomp. I stopped him and asked, if he saw Toomp, he said “no” but agreed to do the interview instead and also share some of Dallas finest “Corn.”

This is Part One. Of that exclusive sit down:

Black Truth News: The first thing I want to ask you. The role of the DJ, because you guys have been the backbone of hip hop since day one, has that changed? I mean has the role increase or decrease etc..?

OG Ron C: I’m gone start by saying the game don’t change! Nigger’s do, and that’s just plain and simple! The role of the DJ, niggers is forgetting they role, because they letting other obstacles frustrate them, you know what I’m saying? The role of the DJ is to provide that avenue to get heard, from anybody. That is what a DJ do he provides a way for the artist to get heard.

Black Truth News: At the panel you guys made a point. It was something I talked to other DJ’s about frequently. The creative line between breaking a record and your obligation to move the party, it’s that a dilemma for you?

OG Ron C: It’s your creativity you know what I’m saying? Your creativity can also come from breaking records too. Take for instance in the conference, when the guy asked what should, I give the DJ, the instrumental, a cappella, etc. That is done for various reasons, because the DJ can be more creative with more tools he got, say for instance your song is not what he want to hear, but he has you’re a cappella and can put it over one of the hottest beats that’s out now, that can still keep his crowd going! You got your minute and thirty seconds, but if he good, he can still keep his crowd going, but also have them wondering, who was that? Over such and such beat, so when they see me on the street and asked, who was that you were playing over Jay-Z beat?.. And vice versa, if your lyrics not that hot, but you got a hot beat, I may slide a Jay-Z verse under there. Just different ways of being creative, but it depends on the DJ.

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