Black Truth News: With you being one of the pioneers of the south, and you being there before the south surface on the main stream where do you see it going now? Everything that goes up must come down, so what do you think southern artist have to do to maintain the success you guys are having right now?

OG Ron C
: It’s like this, you to get in while the kettle is hot … mama always told you that. Got to get in while the door is open man, sneak in, do something! When you have been standing out side for three hours, you got to rush in when they crack the door. We want to get in, rap been around 25 years, we been standing around waiting about 24 years. You know what I’m saying. We got to keep rushing the door. We got to keep let people in. We got a lot of talent, but it’s just about getting people where they need to be. People got to get out and get work, but you just can’t wake up and do that, it takes steps. Like I was saying earlier, about those people who can’t afford to holler at Jay-Z, but you need to take what you can right now, and make the best of what you can get, and then if you keep using that tool, trust me man, that tool is going to pay off for you. That’s how we all did, we didn’t just wake up. Like I told the dude at the panel, you want me to walk out the door and just start driving, damn, I got to walk first! It’s a stage, that’s why you become a kid, that’s why you didn’t come out your mama at twenty-one. You feel me? That don’t mean I suppose to turn my back on you because you haven’t grown, am I suppose to turn my back on a two year old? He is human like everybody else, you got to treat him the same. This was my point at the panel.Where is the avenue for people who can’t afford $1ooo dollar beats or $500 dollar beats? Nigga if I work a 9 to 5 everyday with three kids, tell me where can I fit a hundred dollar beat in? That’s the reality of it now though, because young people got kids and babies. It’s more responsibility than it was ten years ago at my age. It is different now, it’s not easy. You can’t just walk up to me and say, I’m going to saved up$1,500 and not pay my bills this month! How you going to tell me not to pay my bills? So you telling me if I pay my bills this month, I don’t want it, I’m not hungry! Let’s talk about reality!

Black Truth News: Great segue to my next question, which is the importance of music conferences? It usually cost to attend these things and it is not cheap. Do you think is better to meet people organically on the street? What is your preference?

OG Ron C: I like these conferences, especially for those people I am talking about, the 9 to 5 people. For some people that $250 dollars took a lot to get. So yeah these conferences are good when you have people who come out and want to make a change. I’m talking about the panelists, who come out to these events. We already know the artists are hungry who come out to these events, but the panelist have to be good, legit people. So if the conference is good like that, yes it is important, but there are a lot of bullshit conferences also. On a smaller scale people have to come to these conferences to get their info about the industry as oppose to me who may have access to the Power Summit in Puerto Rico. I can mingle with those people on that level of that game, so when we come to these conferences we don’t need to talk to our people the way they talk to they people over there, because it’s whole another ball game over there. I think they need to organize more of them if you ask me.

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