Q&A: Snoop Lion Strikes Back at ‘Reincarnated’ Collaborator Bunny Wailer

‘You wasn’t the s**t in the Wailers,’ he says of Bob Marley’s bandmate By Jonah Weiner Article Reprint In early 2012, Snoop Dogg took a three-week trip to Jamaica in order to make new music and explore a country and culture that had long fascinated him. The fruits of that Continue Reading

Welcome to Botswana

It’s in the Midwest. It’s called Illinois. It’s official: Illinois is the worst governed state in the country. by David Frum Article Reprint Last week Standard & Poor’s downgraded Illinois’s credit rating to A-. Only California bears so low a rating, but S&P rates California’s future outlook as positive and Continue Reading

How the Internet is Making Us Stupid

Author of the ‘Shallows, ask if the Internet is Changing the way we Think        Nicholas Carr Article Submission        Although the World Wide Web has been around for just 20 years, it is hard to imagine life without it. It has given us instant access to vast amounts of information, and we’re able Continue Reading

Calvin’s Undisputed Truth: Why God Is Still In Control not the Government

Calvin Holloway Staff Writer As I Contemplate This Mundane Question Who Can Answer It? “I Can The Earth Is The LORDS And The Fullness Thereof“.Psalms 24:1 Our very Own Government that Is Created By The People, for the People, will not take any Input from those same People who  have put them In office. Continue Reading