FDA approves first study on ecstasy-assisted therapy for social anxiety in autistic adults

By Eric W. Dolan Article Reprint The U.S. Federal Drug Administration in late April approved a study to examine whether the drug ecstasy could help autistic adults suffering from social anxiety. But the first-of-its-kind study still has some hurdles to jump over before it can begin. “The study could start Continue Reading

Undercover agent sneaks past TSA at Newark Airport with ‘bomb’ in pants

By Stephen C. Webster Article Reprint Despite undergoing a pat-down search, a federal agent was able to sneak past Transportation Security Administration agents at Newark Airport last month  with a simulated explosive device in his pant, an unnamed source told The New York Post.

Microsoft Xbox Takes on Apple, Google With Smart TV

By: Matt Clinch Article Reprint Microsoft unveiled its long-anticipated next generation console Xbox One on Tuesday, but it was its inclusion of live TV, rather than its gaming capabilities that set tongues wagging. “I think what Microsoft is doing here is taking on not just Sony Playstation and Nintendo; it Continue Reading