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Beck accuses White House of planting seeds for ‘a race war’

By Arturo Garcia

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Without naming any specific incidents or people, or even his sources, Glenn Beck likened members of President Barack Obama’s administration with racist figures like Adolf Hitler and David Duke on Friday.

“We quoted the doctors — and I don’t know which doctors they were, but we quoted the doctors last night, they’re some of the leading experts from around the world — on race relations and racists,” Beck said on his program, before alluding to a whiteboard bearing characteristics of racists and saying, “In many ways, you’re describing many in this administration.” Continue reading

Billionaire Saudi prince loses UK court battle over Gaddafi jet

By Reuters

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LONDON (Reuters) – A billionaire Saudi prince lost a London court battle on Wednesday when a judge ordered that he should pay a $10-million commission linked to the sale of a luxurious private jet to former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. Continue reading

A New Mississippi Law Will Force Teen Moms to Submit Cord Blood for DNA Testing


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Mississippi has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the country, and it’s hoped that a new law will help get to the bottom of things. Now, if a girl under age 16 gives birth, doctors will be required to collect cord blood for DNA testing. Republican Governor Phil Bryant says that with the DNA, the state will be able to determine who the father is and hopefully prosecute him for statutory rape. But is it a good idea for teen mothers? Continue reading

Meet Lauryn Hill’s Children

By Ms. Lee Brown     

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It’s hard to believe that 38-year-old Lauryn Hill is the mother of six children. Yes, six children. The first five are with her long-time love, Rohan Marley, the son of Reggae legend Bob Marley. The sixth child who is a boy named Micah is with Lauryn’s latest beau. He remains nameless to the public. If you haven’t met all of Hill’s adorable children individually with the except of her newest baby Micah , take a look: Pictures of All Lauryn’s Kids

Shayna Rattler Reveals How to Attract & Retain Corporate Contracts

Only 2% of women and minority owned businesses break the $1 million revenue mark.

by C. Daniel Baker 

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One week after the national celebration of Small Business Week, Diversity Business Strategist Shayna Rattler is waving the flag for women and minority business owners.  She shows them how to attract and retain lucrative corporate contracts.

Rattler says that only 2% of women and minority owned businesses break the $1 million revenue mark. Of those, 56% of their sales come from corporate clients. The trouble is, most women don’t know how to make a winning approach to earn or retain the business. Continue reading