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No Time to Grieve

The blood of a martyr and unspoken pain of parents

By: Richard B. Muhammad

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ORLANDO, Fla. – The blood of the martyr may be sacred but the pain of his loss is deep and lasting for his family.

Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin were everyday people until their 17-year-old son was killed by a single bullet to the heart. Continue reading

Calif. faces longer, tough wildfire season


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California truly is the Golden State this summer — golden brown — and that has fire officials worried heading into the peak of the wildfire season.

It’s still weeks before the fire-fanning Santa Ana winds usually arrive and already it’s been a brutal fire season, with nearly twice as many acres burned statewide from a year ago, including 19,000 scorched this week in a blaze still raging in the mountains 90 miles east of Los Angeles. That fire, burning nearly 30 square miles, was almost half contained Saturday morning. Continue reading

Judge rejects govt claim that Manning leaks had ‘chilling effect’ on foreign relations


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The judge presiding over Bradley Manning’s sentencing hearing has rejected  government testimony claiming that Manning’s disclosures to WikiLeaks clearly  resulted in a “chilling effect” on US foreign relations.

The military judge decided that the evidence in question would have only been  admissible had the so-called “chilling effect” come directly after the  information disclosed by Manning was published. Continue reading

Matt Damon Slams Obama: He ‘Broke Up With Me’



By Melanie Batley

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Oscar-winning actor Matt Damon says his love affair with President Barack Obama  is finally over.
“He broke up with me,” the once ardent supporter and  campaigner for Obama told the Black  Entertainment Network (BET) in a recent interview.

The A-list movie star and Democrat said there were “a lot of things” he  questions about Obama’s second term, specifically the legality of drone strikes  and the NSA’s secret surveillance programs.  Continue reading