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Calvin’s Undisputed Truth: First Black Beauty Queen Pageant Winner In Israel: Her Own Homeland

By: Calvin Holloway

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As we turn the century in today’s modern day world; it’s sad to say, that in our own homeland of Israel, it has come to pass that a Black Woman has finally won the Beauty Pageant in Israel. In a country that’s predominantly white now, it is hard to believe in the beginning, Israel was filled with Black people. Continue reading

Corporate Biopiracy and the Terminator Seed

It is arguably the most fiendish product yet devised by corporate genetic engineers

By: Bruce A. Dixon

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Ever since humans started farming about ten thousand years ago, farmers have saved the seed from one year’s crop to produce the next, and freely exchanged seed with neighbors and friends.  If the Bush administration and its friends at Monsanto and other “life-sciences” corporations get their way it will soon be illegal in much of the world. Continue reading

Scottie Pippen Fouls Out in Lawsuit Against Media Outlets


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A federal appeals court judge affirmed the dismissal of former Chicago Bulls all-star Scottie Pippen’s suit against a number of media outlets on the grounds that the 1992 “Dream Team” player failed to make the case that they “falsely or recklessly” published information about his personal finances that wasn’t true, the ruling issued Wednesday said. Continue reading