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Fox News Contributor Calls for Arms to Combat “Knockout Game”

By: Dr. Samori Swygert

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This is a wake up call and word to the wise.  This “knockout game” is not a joke!  To all the youth and young adults out there that are engaging in this sick psychotic form of entertainment, BEWARE!!  We already saw how one individual was shot with a 40 cal handgun twice!  Well the dog whistle has been blown and you have now been marked. Continue reading

Carribean Leaders May Impose Sanctions on the Dominican Republic for Mistreatment of Haitian Citizens

By: Jacqueline Charles

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As new tensions mount between Haiti and the neighboring Dominican Republic, the top brass of the Caribbean Community will decide Tuesday whether to impose sanctions against the Dominican Republic over a high court ruling denying citizenship to tens of thousands of Haitian descendants Continue reading

Feeding the Homeless Might Soon Be Illegal in L.A.

By James Joiner

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What’s a great way to celebrate the bounty of the holidays in Los Angeles? How about passing a law that bans feeding of the homeless in public? Ho ho ho! Well, that’s exactly what the LA City Council, seemingly seized by seasonal Scrooge-ness, is contemplating. Continue reading