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Justice Sotomayor blocks Obamacare contraception mandate


Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor late Tuesday issued a temporary injunction preventing the government from requiring a group of nuns to comply with the contraceptive mandate included in ‘Obamacare.’ The mandate took effect at midnight.


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President Obama’s besieged Affordable Care Act has suffered another setback with a US Supreme Court justice issuing a temporary injunction late Tuesday preventing enforcement of the law’s contraception mandate against a group of Roman Catholic nuns who provide care to low-income elderly patients. Continue reading

John Kerry tries to revive Middle East peace talks

Israel will postpone announcing settlement expansions until after Kerry leaves the region, but the continued growth is but one of many major sticking points in peace negotiations.


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US Secretary of State John Kerry is back in the Middle East today to sketch out a framework for final status talks between the Israelis and Palestinians, but with an Israeli announcement of settlement expansion imminent, skepticism about a commitment to peace is sky high. Continue reading