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Day: January 11, 2014

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Video of the Day >>> Lil’ Mo says Dr Dre use to beat Michel’le (Interview)

Lil’ Mo says Dr Dre use to beat Michel’le (Interview) Watch More Videos: Go to Video Links Category or Subscribe to Black Truth News Youtube Page    

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Wars solved no issues between India and Pakistan: Omar

By: Jammu Article Reprint Wars between India and Pakistan did not solve any problem in the past nor would any conflict do so in future, said Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah Saturday, adding prosperity of people in the…

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How Smart Is It To Set Up A Smart Home?

By: Rafe Needleman Article Reprint The demo of a smart home from Alex Hawkinson was about the biggest I’ve ever seen. It took up a whole house. Alex, CEO of SmartThings, walked me from room to room in a large…

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Apple’s New Mac Pro

  By: David Pogue Article Reprint The new Mac Pro is an insanely powerful, expensive computer ($3,000 and up — way up). It’s designed for high-end tasks: video, photo and music editing, for example. Medical work. Scientific simulations. Designers who…