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Fast Food Restaurant That Used To Offer The ‘Worst Meal In America’ Is Dumping Trans Fats

By Sy Mukherjee

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Seafood fast food chain Long John Silver’s has decided to ditch trans fats. “We are very pleased to improve the health profile of our entire menu and transition all of our fried products to trans-fat-free soybean oil,” wrote Long John Silver’s CEO Mike Kern in a statement. Continue reading

Subway Partners With Michelle Obama To Take On Childhood Obesity

By Tara Culp-Ressler

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The popular sandwich chain Subway is teaming up with First Lady Michelle Obama to promote nutritional meals for kids. According to reports from the Associated Press, Subway will spend $41 million over three years on a campaign to market healthy food to children. The chain will also bring its kids’ menu in line with the new federal nutritional standards for school lunches. Continue reading

Judge Permanently Strikes Down Oklahoma’s Age Restrictions On Plan B

By Tara Culp-Ressler

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On Thursday night, an Oklahoma district court judge permanently struck down a state law that prevented some teenagers from buying Plan B over the counter, ruling that the restriction was essentially an abuse of power by the legislature. Continue reading

DJ Whoo Kid Says Justin Bieber Wants To Be A N***A

DJ Whoo Kid — Bieber’s On a Mission … to Be an N-Word
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by Marjua Estevez

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TMZ caught up with DJ Whoo Kid on a freezing day in NYC to talk about Justin Bieber’s out-of-control behavior, which recently led to his arrest for DUI and drag racing.

According to DJ Whoo Kid, Bieber is on a mission to be a N-word. “I think Justin Bieber is transforming into the n-word. This year he’s strictly n-word dot com,” says the mixtape king.

In the clip up top, he goes down a list of evidences involving Lil’ Wayne, Lil’ Scrappy and “white girls.”

Article Appeared @http://www.xxlmag.com/news/2014/01/dj-whoo-kid-says-justin-beiber-wants-na/

Dilla Day Detroit 2014 Celebrates J. Dilla’s 40th Birthday

by Christian Bonoan

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Fans of J. Dilla can celebrate his 40th birthday by attending Dilla Day Detroit 2014. The annual spectacle will be held at the city’s iconic Fillmore Theater on Friday Feb. 7 and features performances from De La Soul and Slum Village. The event plans to also world premiere the music video for Phife Dawg’s “#dearDilla,” the ATCQ rapper’s tribute to the late producer. Fans in attendance will also be lucky enough to enjoy a live DJ battle between hip-hop legends DJ Premier and Pete Rock. Click here for ticket information.

Article Appeared @http://www.xxlmag.com/news/2014/01/dilla-day-detroit-2014-celebrates-j-dillas-40th-birthday/