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Obama Angers Latino Allies by Delaying Immigration Change

obama latinoBy Roger Runningen and Jeff Kearns

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Citing the “extreme politicization” of the issue, President Barack Obama retreated from his pledge to swiftly revise U.S. immigration policies, prompting a backlash from allies seeking to ease deportations at the Mexican border. Continue reading

Retirement Royalty: Where Workers Still Get a Pension

By Ben Steverman

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Traditional pensions are an endangered species. They’re not extinct.

For decades now, companies have been killing off their defined-benefit pensions. Instead of the promise of a monthly check from an employer in their old age — however long that lasts — workers get access to a voluntary 401(k) contribution plan. Those plans sometimes come with matching contributions from employers, but all the risks of saving enough for a long retirement fall entirely on workers. Continue reading

The Economist retracts its racist slavery book review

slavery reviewBy Newsweek

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The Economist, a weekly magazine that prides itself on tearing down “an unworthy, timid ignorance obstructing our progress,” has taken the rather extraordinary step of retracting a book review that criticized a historical account of slavery for depicting African-Americans as victims and whites as victimizers. Continue reading