Bobby Shmurda Claims He’s Not Getting Paid For His Shows

by Carl Lamarre   Article Reprint Despite being the hottest on the block with his smash “Hot N****”, Bobby Shmurda isn’t getting treated like a top quality talent. According to him, he isn’t getting paid like one either. Shmurda sounded off on Instagram, questioning why he hasn’t gotten paid for his Continue Reading

Top 10 Benefits of Water/ 1000 Rep Challenge

Siddiqu “The Personal Trainer” Article Submission My best buddy Marquice Cole and I were having a discussion about exercise.  This guy is an avid pepsi drinker and a professional football player.  He was telling me that he had given up his beloved soda pop and was drinking the recommended 8 Continue Reading

There Is Now a Gene to Provide an Excuse for Why You Are Relentlessly Denied by Women

Do you try too hard, smell too bad, lack social graces, or treat women like property? First, stop being those things. Secondly, this is why women are repulsed by you, scientifically. By Stephen Marche Article Reprint Why do females reject some males and accept others? Research into mating practices is Continue Reading

Report Details 5 Keys to Using Technology To Help At-Risk Students

By Christopher Piehler Article Submission Today, the Alliance for Excellent Education and the Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education released a report called “Using Technology to Support At-Risk Students’ Learning.” Written by Linda Darling-Hammond, Molly B. Zielezinski and Shelley Goldman, the report includes a review of the literature studying Continue Reading