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Day: October 29, 2014

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Public Enemy Number One: Kobe Ripped Again, this time by Rapper Slim Thug

BTN STAFF You would think after suffering a season ending injury last year that Kobe Bryant would return to much fanfare. However the future the hall of famer has faced a lot criticism coming into this NBA season. First there…

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The C-Suite Insider: Clif Bar CEO Kevin Cleary Pays Workers to Exercise 2.5 Hours a Week

  By SUSANNA KIM and MICHAEL ROTHMAN Article Reprint Health buffs and athletes know Clif Bar and Company for its organic energy bars. They may not know that the company pays its employees to work out, an initiative led by…

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Not Guilty Pleas Entered for Indiana Suspect

By TOM COYNE Article Reprint A judge has entered informal not guilty pleas on behalf of a former Marine who is charged in the strangulation deaths of two women found in northwestern Indiana and is suspected of killing five others….

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Video Extra >>> Sage The Gemini: “Don’t You”

Sage The Gemini: “Don’t You” Watch More Videos: Go to Video Links Category or Subscribe to Black Truth News You tube Page

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Video of the Day >>> Kam Wil: “Daygo”

Kam Wil: “Daygo” Watch More Videos: Go to Video Links Category or Subscribe to Black Truth News You tube Page

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Should breakfast be skipped or nah!

By: Siddiqu “The Personal Trainer” Article Submission The debate has been going on for quite sometime now.  Let’s put it to rest once and for all, should one eat breakfast or should one just skip it?  Well breakfast is a…

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Charles Barkley and the Plague of ‘Unintelligent’ Blacks

A history of respectability politics, from the postbellum period to today        By: Ta-Nehisi Coates Article Reprint Charles Barkley recently explained why “we as black people are never going to be successful.” His reasoning is painful: