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6 Reasons You’re Less Productive in the Summer

More than half of American workers don’t take paid vacation. They should take off in the summer — because they’re not getting much done anyway.

By Bob Sullivan

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Americans are terrible at taking vacations, and that’s a shame, because they aren’t helping their companies or themselves. People are just less productive in summer, for a whole host of reasons. So you might as well hang out at the beach anyway. Continue reading

Why Your Net Worth Is More Important Than Your Income

Fortunes rise and fall. The truth? Your net worth is your North Star.

By Amanda Steinberg

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Listen. This is important. Popular finance articles for women often cover how to budget and boost your salary. So, the key to financial success is earning more income and being frugal. Right?

Wrong. Continue reading

Mother is Denied Early Parole for Putting Her 14 Month Old Baby Inside Oven

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A judge denied early parole for Melissa Wright, 40; an Alabama mother who put her 14 month old baby inside a 600 degree oven. The incident occurred in 2003 and Wright tried to get an early released last week and was denied according to Yahoo.com. To read more about this story click here.