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African-American group sues Detroit police; says abuse is ‘disgraceful’


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A group of African-American activists has taken its complaints about the Detroit Police Department to court, claiming in a new lawsuit that DPD officers are constantly harassing, abusing and mistreating them when they’re only trying to make the city a safer place to live Continue reading

The Olympics Are For Humans, Not Horses

By: Patrick Redford

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What is the purpose of the Olympics? For the few thousand bureaucrats who divvy up the Games, give out contracts, and get kickass bribes, it is to enrich themselves. For everyone outside of the corruption apparatus of the Olympics, they are an exhibit of the best sportspeople, playing their sports. The fastest runners race against each other; the world’s foremost archers see who is the most accurate; the handballers handball it out. The Olympics are neither perfect nor comprehensive, but in a broad sense, they are a celebration of human performance. Continue reading