Sexism in the Church is Unacceptable.

By: Christian Starr Article Reprint ( Ministering fire and brimstone upon the heads of women has to stop! Let’s be honest there are some ministers that harp on the subject of women more than anything else its condemning and wrong. Everything in black community is not the fault of women. Every Continue Reading

BET Bob Johnson & Donald Trump, Blacks Give the President-elect a chance.

By Earl Ofari Hutchinson Article Reprint ( There was fury when former BET founder and financial mogul Bob Johnson urged African-Americans to give President-Elect Trump a “shot” and “the benefit of the doubt.” Johnson was lambasted with a slew of printable and unprintable epitaphs from many blacks who raged at him Continue Reading

5 Reasons You Should Exercise

If your favorite exercise is a combination of a Lunge and a Crunch and you call it Lunch, please read the following.  By: Siddiqu The Personal Trainer Article Submission  Having a hard time finding the motivation to exercise?  Statements to your self sound like “I will start walking more around Continue Reading