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Video Extra #4 >>> Grind Time Now Presents: Joka Jones vs Prince Eazy [Battle Rap]

Grind Time Now Presents: Joka Jones vs Prince Eazy [Battle Rap]

White Americans Are Twice as Likely to Take Psychiatric Drugs as Other Racial Groups

The number of people taking these drugs is likely an underestimate

By: Alexandra Sifferlin

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White Americans are at least twice as likely as other racial groups to report taking psychiatric drugs, including antidepressants, sedatives and antipsychotics, a new study found. Read More

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Israel Wants Mosques to Lower the Volume on the Muslim Call to Prayer

Critics say a proposed law discriminates.

By: Tara John

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Israeli lawmakers are pushing a bill that would ban mosques in Israel and East Jerusalem from broadcasting the call to prayer from loudspeakers. Read More

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Video Extra #3 >>> Here’s Why Ab-Soul Went After Jay Electronica On “RAW (Backwards)”

Here’s Why Ab-Soul Went After Jay Electronica On “RAW (Backwards)”

Video Extra #2 >>> Flashback: Ice-T on Leaving the Music Business and Going Back to Hustling

Flashback: Ice-T on Leaving the Music Business and Going Back to Hustling

Shirley Caesar is suing the creators of the #Unameitchallenge


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I’m not surprised it looks like pastor Shirley Caesar isn’t feeling the #UnameitChallenge at all! She is suing the creators of it! Check out her official statement below!

“Pastor Shirley Caesar has been totally surprised by the response to her old “Hold My Mule” song remixed. She eventually appreciated the fun many had in creating and sharing videos under the #UNameItChallenge with her remixed song. In fact, she has raised money for charity via in support of the viral challenge. In addition, she will be giving out toys and food for thousands of people with our Toys For Tots program after church next Sunday and all are invited to come and support.

Unfortunately, similar to you, we as a team, were laughing and enjoying the video challenge, until we recently discovered that DJ Suede, Empire Records and another party, took the original popular song and phrase and illegally released a different record on I-Tunes without our written permission. They even did a video highlighting alcohol and negative imagery- and sold many downloads. We asked them repeatedly to remove these negative materials as we never saw the video or heard the song prior to them selling it –and, it was not a parody, but the song was created commercially for sale and profits. When they refused to remove the commercial song from the Internet and the video, to protect Pastor’s legacy and what Shirley Caesar stands for, we had to take legal action, secure a temporary injunction and order DJ Suede to remove the video, as well as cease and desist sales.

We want to make it clear Pastor Caesar does not endorse the imagery or abuse of alcohol endorsed in the video by having her voice everywhere on the track. Please also note, we have not filed any lawsuits or sued anyone even though it is my right. But, it is our hope and prayer that DJ Suede and Empire will do the right thing, and respect Pastor Caesar’s legacy, image and name and follow the Court injunction ordering them to remove this video and the I-Tunes song, a clear violation of copyright and trademark laws.

We look forward to the good work that will come of the #UNameitChallenge and want people to continue enjoying the song for the holidays and years to come.

James Walker
For Shirley Caesar ”

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Juelz Santana is Wanted in NJ for Unpaid Child Support


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(TMZ) — Rapper Juelz Santana is a deadbeat dad … so say authorities in NJ looking to nail him for a ton of back child support.

Juelz owes nearly $30k to his baby mama for their 13-year-old son, LaRon Jr. … according to legal docs obtained by TMZ. Juelz was ordered to pay $1,800 a month back in 2013, but you could say he’s fallen a little behind — since Jers says he owes $28,491.32.

His next payment is due on the 16th and there’s an active warrant out for his arrest.

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Video Extra >>> Russ: “Gone”

Russ: “Gone”