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Some Beloved Unexpected Collabs

By Legwound

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Re-listening to the no longer recent, “Jabroni,” as well as the “Tiimmy Turner (Preemix),” had me going back on some collaborations that caught me a bit off guard. Now, these are strictly rap, so no Bone Thugs and Phil Collins collabs. But, they do make you think about how initial contact went down, if they were in the studio together, and other curiosities about how a hip-hop odd couple might work. I’m sure some readers can connect all of the dots on how some of the pairings went down, or trace back their lineage, but I think for the most part they make one think. Continue reading

Retired NFL Player Antonio Armstrong’s 17-Year-Old Son Will Stand Trial as an Adult for Murdering His Parents

The couple was found fatally shot in the head in their Houston home last July.

by BET Staff

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The shocking news of former NFL linebacker Antonio Armstrong and his wife, Dawn, being shot and killed inside of their Houston home last July was easily one of the most tragic stories in sports last year. What made it that much harder to stomach was the fact that their teenage son was charged with the crime. Continue reading