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Tom Brady’s stolen Super Bowl 51 jersey has been found in possession of a member of the international media in Mexico

By: Scott Davis

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(Gregory Payan/AP)

Our long national nightmare is over.

The NFL announced that Tom Brady’s Super Bowl 51 jersey has been found, in addition to his Super Bowl 49 jersey, thanks to the help of the NFL security department, FBI, Texas Rangers, and Houston Police Department. Continue reading

Calvin’s Undisputed Truth: Donald Trump Put In Office By Jesus Not Man

By: Calvin Holloway

Staff Writer

As we vastly approach the end of time; Jesus is setting up all the rulers of kingdoms in place. That becomes apparent when you look at the United States Of America Presidential Office. The billionaire businessman Donald Trump, who is running things in the U.S, was put there by Jesus.   Continue reading

The Warriors are reportedly mad the Thunder didn’t celebrate the returning Kevin Durant

By: Eric Freeman

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Kevin Durant signs autographs for unruly fans during his OKC return. (AP)

Of all the events of this NBA season, the least surprising was that Kevin Durant was not celebrated by the Oklahoma City Thunder and heavily booed by fans in his return to Chesapeake Energy Arena on February 11. The intense emotions and extreme reactions that surrounded Durant’s decision to move to the Golden State Warriors last offseason made it certain that his first game back in front of 20,000 exes would not feature a pleasant atmosphere. Fans showed up to savage Durant, celebrate Russell Westbrook and the rest of their playoff team, and take part in the most anticipated game of the regular season. All the joy Durant had given the Thunder organization and fans for close to a decade was pushed into the back of everyone’s mind. Continue reading