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These New Era x Roc Nation Hats Strip It Down to the Essentials

They’re the coolest way to show your MLB fandom.


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A long with trap beats and weirdly existential lyrics about how hard it is to live a lifestyle of nonstop, drug-fueled sex and shopping, dad hats are pretty de rigueur in hip-hop these days. But Jay Z–ever the contrarian Rap Dad–has remained steadfastly loyal to the same classic high-crowned New Era fitted shape that he’s been rocking since Reasonable Doubt. So it only makes sense that his Roc Nation management company, which represents a number of pro ball players alongside its musical roster, would team up with New Era for a collection of MLB-licensed caps in the classic 59FIFTY silhouette. Continue reading

How Did This Cardinals Player Get Beaned 3 Times in 1 Inning?

This is painful to watch.

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Trump And Nazi Billboard Got Something In Common


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Is President Donald Trump a racist? Do you believe that he and his inner circle of associates have a hidden agenda for the United States of America? Does the slogan ‘Make America Great Again’ really mean ‘Make America White Again?’ These are some of the questions any rational person will raise when mentioning Trump and his administration. Continue reading