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A ‘Goliath’ among the Mexican drug traffickers is sentenced to life in U.S. prison

By: Joseph Tanfani

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(Omar Torres / Getty/AFP)

Alfredo Beltran Leyva, who with his brothers once ran one of Mexico’s most powerful drug cartels, appeared in federal court in Washington on Wednesday and asked for a chance to be reunited with his family as an old man. Continue reading

Top 5 R. Kelly Songs

By: Jarrod Horton

Staff Writer

It started out as a friendly debate. My friend and I were going back and forth about which album is R. Kelly’s best album. As in most cases, Google became the mediator. We decided to look up Kel’s discography and started to listen to his music. And although we ultimately picked our favorite album;(She picked TP2.com and I picked R.) it was more reminiscing and less debating. Most of the songs spark the memories of where we were and who we were with when they came out.   Continue reading