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Pusha T Starts College Fund For 6-Year Old Boy Who’s Plea To End Gun Violence Goes Viral

Pusha T has started a college fund for a 6-year old boy after his plea to end gun violence goes viral.

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This is a great story, and something we wish we could report more of. On Friday, Pusha T decided to change the life of a 6-year old boy & his family when he invested in the kids future and started a paid scholarship so he can eventually attend college.

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How the Hell does Bill Maher think calling himself a “House Nigger” is a Joke?

By: Jarrod Horton

Staff Writer

Comedian Bill Maher crossed the line during an interview with Republican Senator Ben Sasse. He responded to an invitation by the Senator “to work in the field,”  in Nebraska by saying “oh no, I’m a house nigger.” Maher later said he was joking when he said that. But the question is how does think he can joke about slavery? And who gave him permission to say nigger? He definitely needs a better explanation than it was a joke. Where I’m from we don’t let White people joke like that. Watch the clip below.