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Top 4 Post Exercise Meals

After you exercise eat this…

By: Siddiqu The Personal Trainer 

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Morning Exercisers:

Egg Omelet with Avocado
Eggs are just about the best source of protein on the planet.  Egg yolks are one of the richest dietary sources that helps prevent fat and cholesterol from accumulating in the liver.  Serve with avocado for a nice dose of fiber and monounsaturated fat. Continue reading

50 Cent Confirms Latest Episode of Power was Condensed and Lack Details.

By: Jarrod Horton

Staff Writer

Fans of the hit TV show Power saw two popular characters killed off in last week’s episode.  J.R. Ramirez who plays Julio and Anika Noni Rose who played Jukebox got killed in last week’s episode. In addition to that , it seems 50 Cent character will be taking a hiatus after a scene where he walks away with a bag of money. 50 Cent went on Instagram to express his frustration about how the episode played out. “I woke up feeling a little different about POWER this morning . If the biggest show on your net work doesn’t mean anything, what does your network mean STARZ? I’m taking my talents to south beach fuck this.he said in his post. One of the show’s executives Courtney Kemp also had some words for the Starz network. “I asked them for 12 episodes for season four and they would not do it. So because they would not do it, we had to make it one episode.” she said. No response has been given from Starz concerning the comments.

Source: http://www.bet.com/celebrities/news/2017/08/01/50-cent.html