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Michael Bennett says Las Vegas cops threatened to “blow my f—ing head off”


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Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett has been one of the most vocal players in the NFL about the protests started by former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, began in opposition to the unequal treatment of minorities by law enforcement. Continue reading

Kanye and Kim Are Paying Over $100,000 Dollars for Surrogate Mother to Have their Baby


Reports have come out that Kanye West and his wife are expecting their third child in January. The two chose to have the baby through a surrogate mother after Kim had complications during the pregnancy of their first two children. According to Etonline.com, the couple paid $68,850 dollars to an agency to find the surrogate. And they paying an additional $45,000 to the woman for carrying the child. The payment to the surrogate, will be in installments of $4,500 every month for 10 months. She will get $5,000 a piece, if she has multiple babies. Kanye and Kim have said that they will be protective of the identity of the surrogate mother. To read more about this story click here

Kanye West Holding Back the Debut of his Yeezy 6 Collection


Reports have come out that Kanye West is not going to debut his Yeezy 6 collection during New York Fashion Week. The NYFW is usually the time he unveils his new collection, but he will not be doing so this time. According to Etonline.com, sources say the departure of the show is not a cancellation but hold in the event. No comments or explanations have been given by Kanye or his team. To read more about this story click here.