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New Music on BTN Soundcloud Player (10.16.17) >>> Drako: “I Deserve It”


New Music on BTN Soundcloud player comes from Atlanta artist Drako.  His new  single  “I Deserve It” is a freestyle produced by  Certified . To listen to the single go to our home page and locate the Soundcloud Player on the right side of the page. Or click the artwork above.  

The Problems I Have With Stripper Kijuana Nige Exposing Video of Miami Dolphins Assistant Coach Snorting Coke

By: Jarrod Horton 

Staff Writer

Recently Miami Dolphins offensive line coach Chris Foerster made headlines for a video that appeared to show him doing lines of cocaine. In the video, Foerster looked and sounded like a cokehead as he said “Hey babe, I been missing you.” He then said “how about I do this before I go to a meeting,” and then proceeds to snorts lines a cocaine in a rolled up $20 dollar bill. We soon found out that the “babe” that Foerster has been missing was a Las Vegas model/stripper Kijuana Nige. Continue reading

In His 15th Season At ‘SNL,’ Kenan Thompson Still Knows How To Play It Funny

Article Reprint

It was an odd sketch, tucked near the end of Saturday Night Live‘s season premiere, long after Alec Baldwin’s crowd-pleasing Trump imitation and two performances by Jay-Z. Actor Ryan Gosling played a soft-spoken rock flutist performing with a motley trio in a run-down bar. He gets a call from the police during the show, and has to tell his bandmate/roommate that his good jeans have been stolen. Continue reading