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4 Healthy Snacks + Workout Video

By: Siddiqu The Personal Trainer

Article Submission

We do it in the car, on the train, in front of the TV, on the phone, even in bed, and some of you are doing it while you read this email.   For too many of us, snacking has become so automatic that our brains barely register the hand-to-mouth motion.  And it’s not as if we’re all reaching for diet-friendly apples: A recent study from University of North Carolina found that most of us eat nearly 600 calories a day—roughly a third of our food—in snacks rather than meals.  Continue reading

New Music on BTN Soundcloud Player (11.02.17) >>> Lousy Brown “Don’t Believe Me”


New Music on BTN Soundcloud player comes from Atlanta rapper Lousy Brown.  His new single “Don’t Believe Me” is produced by Blackboy and comes from the his new EP. To listen to the single go to our home page and locate the Soundcloud Player on the right side of the page. Or click the artwork above.