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Church Locates Fired Outback Waitress, Gives Her Hefty Tip


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Tamlynn Yoder

*Well lookie here. Christ Fellowship Church said they were looking for the Outback restaurant server who was fired after posting her frustration about not being tipped by the church for a $735 order on Facebook.

Apparently, the church has found her and made good on their word.

Though Tamlynn Yoder remains tight-lipped on exactly how much money she has received, the former Outback server who we recently reported stating how she missed out on other tips because she spent half the day preparing the $735 take-out order for 25 Christ Fellowship members,  is now happy.

But still unemployed.

Article Appeared @https://www.eurweb.com/2018/02/church-locates-fired-outback-waitress-gives-hefty-tip/

Joe Jackson Claps Back At Quincy Jones; Suggests That He “Should Know Better”

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First T-Pain, now Joe Jackson.

The internet is still buzzing with the aftermath of legendary music mogul Quincy Jones‘ recent interview with Vulture. In the interview, Quincy spilled a lot of beans — from dishing on who killed John F. Kennedy to President Donald Trump, Jones’ mouth was a loose cannon. Continue reading