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Meet the Startups Behind ‘A Wrinkle In Time’

Underneath the gloss of a feature film there’s an army of startups that scan, digitize, and otherwise bring a director’s vision to life.

By Zoë Henry

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CREDIT: Atsushi Nishijima/Disney

Jordan Soles, a vice president of technology with the Quebec-based visual effects company Rodeo FX, was recently tasked with creating a “red breath.” Continue reading

Think You Have a Cool Side Hustle? This $100 Million Company Founder Is Also a Boxing Manager

Some founders draw inspiration from what they do while off-duty–like Detroit-based Vision IT’s David Segura, the manager of up-and-coming boxer Domonique Dolton.

By David Whitford

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Domonique Dolton had a storied amateur career and early success as a pro. But when he met David Segura in 2016, his ascent had stalled. Segura offered to help him find a new manager, sifting through résumés and recommendations—and then took on the task himself. Dolton was cool with that. “I was missing the proper guidance,” Dolton says. “He ended up going out of his way just to help me.” CREDIT: Ike Edeani

David Segura is a tech founder in Detroit. And the manager of up-and-coming welterweight Domonique Dolton.

Segura’s grandfather fled the Mexican Revolution in 1917 for work on the assembly lines in Detroit–“from the state of Michoacán to the state of Michigan,” he used to say. Segura’s first job out of the University of Michigan was at Ford, but not on the factory floor; he had a computer science degree. Continue reading