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Lil B Producer Accuses Drake and No I.D of Stealing His Song


Keyboard Kid, a producer for Lil B has accused Drake of jacking his beat and Lil B’s song for his new album Scorpion. According to Keyboard Kid, the opening song on Drake’s album, which is called “Survival” is a rip-off of Lil B’s song “I’m Tupac” which came out in 2014. “My Beat and Lil B Song” Keyboard Kid stated on Twitter. The song was produced by No I.D and Noah “40” Shebib. Even though Keyboard said he or Lil B didn’t get any credit for the song he was still flattered that No I.D was “inspired” by him. “It’s Crazy Cuz No I.D. A Legend ..So To Kno I Inspired Something Like That Is Dope” he said. No response has been given by No I.D or Drake.