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SCOTUS Throws Out Case on Illegal Alien Teenager Right to Abortion

By: Ken Klukowski

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WASHINGTON, DC – The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday unanimously threw out a lower court’s decision that had held that when the U.S. government has a pregnant illegal alien teenager in custody, the government must facilitate the teenager’s obtaining an abortion if she wants one. The nation’s highest court held that the case was moot, and struck the lower court’s decision from the books. Continue reading

Oklahoma Passes Law Protecting Christian Adoption Agencies from Discrimination

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin signed a bill Friday that will protect private adoption agencies from coercion, discrimination, or punishment as they help orphans find homes with a mom and a dad.

By: Thomas D. Williams

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Bill 1140, drafted by Republican Sen. Greg Treat, provides legal protections to faith-based agencies that will not place children in homes with same-sex couples because of religious or moral convictions. Continue reading