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Issa Rae Reportedly Takes Shots At Kanye West During CFDA Awards

By: Sierra Brown 

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Issa Rae isn’t afraid to speak her mind whether she’s “rooting for everybody black” or giving guys tips on how not to be “that guy.” The multi-talented writer held nothing back during her hosting stint at the 2018 CFDA Fashion Awards in Brooklyn Monday night (June 4) when she called out Kanye West for his recent comments about slavery. Continue reading

J. Cole’s Childhood Home Vandalized In North Carolina

By: J’na Jefferson

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J. Cole’s childhood home in Fayetteville, N.C. was reportedly vandalized.

An unidentified person spray-painted the words “J.Cole…Do you even care about the ville?” in black, and the photo was shared to both Twitter and Facebook. The words have reportedly been painted over, however, local police did not say that the tagging was a reported incident. There are no named suspects nor a reported motive. Continue reading

Guy Takes Selfie With Woman Who Had Been Hit by Train in Background

Italy shocked, disgusted by photo

By Evann Gastaldo

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(NEWSER) – As a Canadian woman lay on the tracks at a train station in Piacenza, Italy, badly injured after having been hit by a train, a man stood on the platform and took a selfie with the woman, who was being treated by paramedics, in the background. A news photographer, in turn, took a photo of him taking the selfie, which has appeared in many Italian newspapers and sparked outrage, the BBC reports. Critics have complained that, thanks to the internet, we have lost our sense of common decency. Police caught the selfie-taker and made him delete the photo, but he was not charged with a crime. As for the woman, she ended up having a leg amputated. It’s not clear how she was hit, though various reports say she may have been rushing to board a train as it departed the station or that she may have fallen out of a defective door. See the photo of the selfie-taker at the BBC.

Article Appeared @http://www.newser.com/story/260179/guy-takes-selfie-with-woman-who-had-been-hit-by-train-in-background.html