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New Music on BTN Soundcloud Player (06.21.18) >>> Amplified: “I Am”


New Music on BTN Soundcloud player comes from Santa Cruz California artist Amplified.  His new single “I Am” is produced by Andrew Vicente and comes from his forthcoming album. To listen to the single go to our home page and locate the Soundcloud Player on the left side (desktop users) or the bottom (mobile users)  of the page. Or click the artwork above.  

Uber’s CEO Suggest That Uber Customers Pay Extra Fee to Help Struggling Taxi Drivers

By: Jarrod Horton

Staff Writer

It is no secret that the rise of car service companies like Uber and Lyft have put a major dent in the taxi market. First of all, there is direct competition. Then there is the unequal practice of owner-operators who had to pay huge amounts of money to purchase a medallion to legally drive a cab, as opposed to car service drivers who simply have to sign up and drive.  


Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, came up with interesting solution to help the struggling taxi operators. He suggested that the customers should pay an extra fee to help the cab industries. “In circumstances where medallion owner-operators are having a hard time, where technology has changed and demand patterns have changed their environment, we would support some kind of fee or pool to be formed, a hardship fund, call it,” Khosrowshahi said in an interview with the Post.

Keep in mind, he didn’t suggest that Uber pay back some of the money it has made and give it back to taxi drivers; he thought the customers should do it. The mere idea alone is madness, but to actually verbalize it, is pure insanity. To read more about this story click here.