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Ray Donovan Star in Trouble After Altercation With Photographer


Actor Liev Schreiber has been charged with harassment after altercation with a photographer. The 50 year old actor of Ray Donovan has to appeared in court on Tuesday in Rockland County court.  “It’s unfortunate that he got charged, because the allegation doesn’t rise to the level of any law being broken,” his attorney Jonathan Ripps told The Journal News. To read more about this story click here.

Isaiah Thomas Still Salty About Trade from Boston and Calls Cleveland a Shithole on Social Media


It seems Isaiah Thomas is still in his feelings from the trade that sent him from the Boston Celtics. In a recent Instagram live post, Thomas called Cleveland a “shithole.” He also added  “I can see why LeBron left — again.” Later on, Thomas sent out apology about his comments