Inmate Prison Strike From Aug. 21- Sept. 9th Will Honor Black Panther George Jackson & 1971 Attica Prison Rebellion

BTN STAFF Today inmates in at least 17 states are planning to protest the prison system to demand better living conditions and prison reform. Organizers of the protest will demonstrate through hunger strike and refusal to work. The strike will start today (Aug. 21st) and end on Sept. 9th. The Continue Reading

Amid Calls For Shutting Down Asian Salon, Calls For More Thriving Black Businesses

By: JANIAH ADAMS AND DALEEL MUHAMMAD  Article Reprint NEW YORK—Karla Cerrington has never seen business quite like she did the first week of August. Her nail salon, The Nail Belle, off of Malcolm X Blvd in Brooklyn, is located about three to four miles away from New Red Apple Nail Continue Reading