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Chicago Principal Changes Dress Code Because She Doesn’t Want Students To Wear Revealing Clothes Get Chastise By Parents


Chicago Public School principal is getting backlash from some parents because she wants to change the dress code at her high school. Melanie V. Betty-Sevier is the principal at King College Prep High School on the South Side of Chicago. She decided to bar students from dressing “provocatively” when they come to school because she felt that were a lot sexual assault cases in Chicago.  Some parents got angered by the new rule change and let the principal know about it at a school council meeting. “The principal — who you all just said most of them have been trained — made a reckless comment to blame victims and associate that with promiscuous dress,”  Natasha Erskine, a parent said at the meeting.  Watch the video below

4 Sleep Hygiene Tips

By: Siddiqu The Personal Trainer 

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Sleep….as babies we basked in it. As teenagers we avoided it. As young adults we challenged it and now as grown adults we’re lacking it. With all the research that’s out there on sleep, scientists still technically don’t know why our bodies go into sleep mode. What we do know is what happens when we don’t have sleep and more importantly all the great benefits we get from sleep. Regular restful sleep has been attributed to lowering high blood pressure, reducing the risk for stroke and heart attack, improving the immune system, weight loss, daytime alertness, increased performance and just looking better in general. Who doesn’t want all of that?!?  Continue reading

Study Shows Women Who Breastfeed Have Lower Risk of Having a Stroke, Cancer, and Diabetes


A study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association women who breastfeed their babies are 23 percent less likely to have a stroke. The lead author of the journal, Lisette T. Jacobson also stated, “some studies have reported that breastfeeding may reduce the rates of breast cancer, ovarian cancer and risk of developing Type-2 diabetes in mothers.” To read more about this story click here.