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Majority-black Georgia county rejects plan to close 7 of its 9 polling places

Randolph County voted to keep the current polls.

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(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

The election board in majority-black Randolph County, Georgia voted Friday morning to reject a proposal to close seven of its nine polling locations before the November election. Continue reading

Serena’s Cat Suit Was Designed to Protect Her from Blood Clots but the French Open Still Banned it


(Photo by Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images)

The president of the French Open Roland Garros said that the cat suit that Serena Williams wore in the French Open “would no longer be accepted” at their sporting event. “Serena’s outfit this year, for example, would no longer be accepted. You have to respect the game and the place.” Garros said. The suit that Serena wore was inspired by the movie Black Panther. It has been stated that suit was designed to protect Serena from getting blood clots. This precaution was made because she almost died from hematoma and other complications stemming from a pulmonary embolism while giving birth to her child. Serena has yet to respond to the ban but did dedicate the suit to all moms “who had a tough recovery from pregnancy” a couple months ago.