Sacha Baron Cohen Tried To Get O.J. Simpson To Admit To Murder

This is deeply uncomfortable. By: MATT MILLER Article Reprint Even though it ended without ever showing the infamous Sarah Palin interview, Who Is America? saved another big name for its final episode: O. J. Simpson. Cohen’s character Gio Monaldo, the millionaire Italian fashion photographer, sat down with the famous former athlete, where Continue Reading

Why is the New/Retro Polo Hi-Tech Collection Soooo Dope?

By: Jarrod Horton Staff Writer I couldn’t keep my composure when I saw that Polo is redesigning the Hi-Tech patch that was used on it’s sportswear in the 90’s. This time, Polo has expanded Hi-Tech into a collection that will be included on pants, sweaters, hoodies and rugby’s. There are Continue Reading