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Suge Knight’s Son is Tripping Out…Says 2Pac is Alive and Stays in Malaysia

By: Jarrod Horton

Staff Writer

This is the age of social media, where you can do or say something outrageous and become famous. The latest incident of wild and wacky on the internet comes courtesy of Suge Knight’s son Suge J. Knight. He went on Instagram and said that not only that the Illuminati was following him, but also that 2Pac is still alive. He posted several pictures and videos of supposedly older Pac posing with Beyonce and 50 Cent and a caption that simply said Tupac is alive. Suge J. Knght’s theory is that Pac is in Malaysia and that the Illuminati is following him because he is saying too much. Go to the next page to check out his posts. Continue reading

What May Happen If You Take Too Much Erectile Dysfunction Medication

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Put this on the list of things not to do to impress your sexual partner: end up as a case report in a medical journal.

Having your story featured in publication may impress your date, but maybe not when the publication is the medical journal Retinal Cases and Brief Reports. But that’s where the story of a 31-year-old man ended up after he made some questionable decisions. First, he bought the liquid form of sildenafil citrate, which is the generic name for the drug Viagra, over the Internet. Then he drank the medication straight from the bottle without measuring how much he was drinking.  Continue reading

BTN Exclusive Interview with Monica

It is hard to have a lengthy career in the music business. One person that has defied the odds is Monica. The Georgia native has been singing professionally since the age of eleven. She went on to have success early with her debut album going triple platinum. In 1995, she became the youngest person to have two singles to go to the charts on Billboard. The Grammy Award winner has maintained her star power and showed it when she hit the stage at the One Music Fest in Atlanta. She was kind enough to talk with me after her performance. Check out the interview below

By: Jarrod Horton

Staff Writer

BTN: After all these years, how does it feel to see the people react like that when you hit the stage?

Monica: it feels great. It shows that my music still resonates with the people and I have been doing something right all this time. Continue reading