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Rashida Tlaib & Ilhan Omar set to make history as the first Muslim Women in U.S House of Representatives


In November history will be made in this country through politics. Rashida Tlaib will be the first Muslim American and Palestinian woman elected to the House of Representatives. Tlaib, 42, is a Detroit native who won her Democratic primary by one percentage point and won’t face a challenger in the general election. In Minnesota, Ilhan Omar will most likely share the honor of being the first Muslim woman in Congress with Tlaib. However Omar, 36 will be the first Somali-American elected to the state legislature. The two women have made their mark through hard work, something that Tlaib pointed out. “We didn’t come from thin air. We’re centered and focused on a number of issues that we’ve been working on as moms, as women of color—and some that are related to being Muslim in America.” she said. To read more about this story click here.

Fit to Fight Event Shows the Importance of Cancer Awareness in the Black Community

By: Jarrod Horton

Staff Writer

Black Truth News was a proud sponsor for the Fit to Fight against Cancer event on Chicago’s south side. The event featured exercise and helpful tips on how to maintain to fight and prevent cancer. Continue reading