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The Game Thinks Cali Wildfires Began As Distraction From Thousand Oaks Shooting

The Game has a serious theory.

By Chantilly Post

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The California Wildfires have taken the homes of many residents, especially those who reside in Malibu. The natural disaster is a tragedy courtesy of Mother Nature, but The Game seemingly disagrees. The rapper stated how he “low key” thinks the fires were started as a distraction from the tragic Thousand Oaks shooting. Continue reading

New Music on BTN Soundcloud Player (11.12.18) >>> Big Bear: “Gettin Sticky” featuring Jeff + Eddie “El” Godchild + Eric “Oochie” Young


New Music on BTN Soundcloud player comes from Chicago artist Big Bear.  His new single “Gettin Sticky” and features Jeff, Eddie “EL” Godchild and Eric “Oochie” Young. To listen to the single go to our home page and locate the Soundcloud Player on the left side of the page. Mobile users go to the bottom of the page or click the artwork above.