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Former Black Employee Files Suit Against Moschino For Racially Profiling Black Shoppers

by Selena Hill

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Former Black Employee Files Suit Against Moschino for Racially Profiling Black Shoppers

Shamael Lataillade, a former employee at a Moschino boutique in West Hollywood, California, filed a lawsuit against the Italian luxury clothing company for racial discrimination against her and shoppers of color. In the suit, Lataillade claims that employees at the store were instructed to racially profile black patrons who didn’t appear to be wealthy and classify them using a racist codename. Continue reading

Richest Man in the World Jeff Bezos Divorce Could Cost Him $66 Billion Dollars

By: Jarrod Horton

Staff Writer

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It is cheaper to keep her is more than applicable to Jeff Bezos. The founder, chairman, CEO and president of Amazon decided to get a divorce from his wife MacKenzie  of 25 years. Jeff Bezo is currently the richest man in the world, with an estimated total of 137 billion dollars. The couple resides in the state of Washington which is a community property state. That means his spouse is entitled to half of all the wealth accumulated within marriage. Jeff started Amazon a year after they got married, and that means she may get up to $66 billion dollars from the divorce. The bottom line it could be the most costliest divorce of all time. The couple released a statement and said “If we had known we would separate after 25 years, we would do it all again.” Well I’m sure one half of the couple feels that way.

New Fyre Festival Documentary Trailer Offers Inside Look at Founder Billy McFarland’s Fraudulent Tactics

by Andrea Park

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Ja Rule (left) and Billy McFarland

Powerful models built this festival, and then one picture of cheese on toast ripped down the festival.” So quoth one interviewee in the new full-length trailer for Netflix’s upcoming documentary about the infamous Fyre Festival, perfectly summing up the failed festival’s entire rapid rise to power and horrific downfall. Continue reading