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No Heat or Power in Brooklyn Jail Highlights Inhumane Conditions for Inmates


For almost a week inmates in a Brooklyn jail have been locked up without heat and power. A fire that occurred on Sunday, January 27 cut off the power and heat in parts of the jail. Since then,  almost 1,600 inmates have been in the dark and without heat at the facility. “Their windows were frosted over. Even more disturbingly perhaps for the inmates, their cells were pitch black and they don’t have flashlights.” said Deirdre von Dornum, who oversees the Federal Defenders’ Brooklyn team, in a telephone interview. 

On Saturday, (02.02.19) protestors, lawyers, and lawmakers stood outside of the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center  to demand that the problems will be fixed. Nydia Velazquez, who represents parts of New York City in the U.S. House of Representatives, said the Bureau of Prisons was disregarding inmates’ rights. This news come as pictures of inmates in Chicago Cook County jail shoveling snow in sub zero temperatures.  

Black NYTimes Columnist Charles Blow Says Trump Being Rich, Successful Businessman is All Lies


During a CNN panel discussion NYTimes Charles Blow called President Trump out on the tale of him being rich successful businessman. “‘I don’t need money! I’m rich! I can do this.’ We found out in recent reporting that, no, he was broke and going to Deutsche Bank because he was giving the campaign so much money that he did not have. It was costing him money, limiting his projects,” Blow said during the discussion.

“The lies he told about the success and stature of the man and the acumen he had as a deal maker. All sorts of thing, all lies. It’s almost hard to debate what he’s saying because we know it’s all lies.” Blow continued. He also stated Trump’s rhetoric help fuels the racism amongst his supporter and other people in this country. “None of this is a mystery to me. All of it adds up to the same thing, which is an anti-blackness, anti-brownness, anti-muslim. It’s the same thing,” Blow said. To read more about this story click here.