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Australia wants to Test R. Kelly’s ‘character’ before Letting Him into Country to Perform


Yesterday (02.05.19) R Kelly announced that he was planning on going to Australia, New Zealand and Sri Lanka for his international tour. “See Y’all Soon” Kelly wrote on social media. Almost as soon as he made announcement, an Australian lawmaker suggested that he may not be welcome in the country. “If the Immigration Minister suspects that a non-citizen does not pass the character test, or there is a risk to the community while they are in Australia, he should use the powers he has under the Migration Act to deny or cancel their visa,” senior opposition lawmaker Shayne Neumann said in his statement. Now what is exactly the character test and what risks R. Kelly poses to the Australian community is in question; but it seems Kellz might want to make some more travel plans. To read more about this story click here.

California Bill Seeks to Limit Genitalia Surgery for Intersex Children


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Pink and blue blankets are draped over hospital bassinets.

(SACRAMENTO, Calif.) — California doctors would be barred from treating or performing surgery on children born with genitals that don’t fit a single gender or are otherwise atypical unless it’s medically necessary or the child consents, under a bill unveiled Monday. Continue reading