Lil Wayne is the latest celebrity to have his own podcast/interview show. The rapper who is alos known as Tunechi had 50 Cent as his latest guest on his Young Money show. Fiddy wasted no time starting the conversation. Wayne didn’t even ask him a question and he started talking about one of his early show business experiences opening up for Cash Money. “I had to perform before T.K Kirkland” 50 stated.  

The music mogul went on to tell stories about his childhood and executing producing Pop Smoke new album. One of the most interesting stories that he spoke on was his interactions with boxers Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather Jr.  He talked about how the dude that shot him was a part of Tyson camp. He also spoke on Mike’s disdain for Mayweather. “Tyson couldn’t stand Floyd” he confessed.  

Watch the full interview below.  

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