Afrika Bambaataa Sued for Child Sex Trafficking From 1991 to 1995

Afrika Bambaataa Sued for Child Sex Trafficking From 1991 to 1995

According to the lawsuit, Doe was “repeatedly sexually abused and sex trafficked” by Bambaataa at the Bronx River Houses public housing project, where they both lived. Doe and his lawyers claim that Bambaataa “eventually began to inappropriately touch [Doe] in his private areas while [Doe] was in [Bambaataa’s apartment].” They also allege Bambaataa “eventually encouraged [Doe] to watch pornographic videos while in [Bambaataa]’s apartment,” which “progressed to mutual masturbaton… and sodomy.” Additionally, they allege that Doe “became a victim of sex trafficking as [Bambaataa] would transport [Doe] to other locations and offer [him] for sex to other adult men. During said encounters [Bambaataa] would watch as [Doe] was sodomized by other adult men.”

As a result of Bambaataa’s alleged abuse and trafficking, Doe claims he has “suffered physical injury, severe and permanent emotional distress, mental anguish, depression and embarrassment.” Doe also says he has been “unable to keep a steady job.” The legal causes of action listed in the lawsuit are assault, civil battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligent infliction of emotional distress, and gross negligence.

Hugo Ortega, a lawyer for John Doe, told Pitchfork: “The New York Child Victims Act has finally provided a legal means for child victims of sexual abuse to hold those like Afrika Bambaataa responsible for the psychological and physical injuries caused to their victims. We will aggressively pursue justice for our client in this case, who the evidence will show, was horribly abused by Mr. Bambaataa.”

A booking agent for Afrika Bambaataa listed on the artist’s social media didn’t respond to multiple emails seeking comment. Pitchfork’s attempts to contact Bambaataa through his Facebook page, his online store, and other contacts previously associated with him did not elicit responses. Additionally, according to online records viewed by Pitchfork, Bambaataa has not yet entered legal responses to the complaint.


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