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Alabama Politician Roy Moore is Considering Running for Senate Again Despite Past Sexual Assualt Allegations with Underage Girls


Republican Roy Moore has stated in an interview that he is considering running for the 2020 Senate race in Alabama. Moore was unsuccessful in his 2017 Senate campaign to fill the vacated seat left by Republican Jeff Sessions. He lost to Senator Doug Jones by a small margin in a special election. ā€œIā€™m seriously considering it, I think that it (the 2017 Senate race) was stolen,ā€ Moore said when asked if he is considering running again.

Moore, 72 was accused of sexual misconduct with underage girls in 2017. The allegations surfaced from the 1970’s when Moore was in his 30’s. Nine women claim that he sexually assaulted them while they were in their teens. Some of the women were as young as 14. At one point Moore admitted to knowing a couple of the women. However, on a later date Moore said “I do not know any of these women,” and he “did not date any of these women and have not engaged in any sexual misconduct with anyone”.

If Moore does decides to run he would be the only second candidate to enter the race behind U.S Representative Bradley Byrne. To read more about this story click here.


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