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American Airlines Employees Intimidated by Black Woman’s Body: Apologizes for Making Texas Doctor Cover up her Outfit

By: Jarrod Horton

Staff Writer

Dr. Tisha Rowe, who is a family physician in Houston went on Twitter to share her “humiliating” experience with American Airlines. Rowe, 37 said she felt “powerless” after a flight attendant asks her to cover up her outfit or get off the airplane. “There was nothing I could do at that moment other than give up my money and my seat to defend my position that I was completely appropriate,” Rowe told Buzzfeed News in an interview. “There was never an ounce of empathy, an ounce of apology, [or] any attempt to maintain my dignity throughout the situation,” she added. Rowe shared a picture of her outfit on social media and from the looks of it, the romper she had on seem normal.

What seemed the problem is that Rowe has a beautiful thick body, that would probably stand out in any outfit. American Airlines issued an apology that said, “we were concerned about Dr. Rowe’s comments, and reached out to her and our team at the Kingston airport to gather more information about what occurred.”  “We apologize to Dr. Rowe and her son for their experience and have fully refunded their travel. We are proud to serve customers of all backgrounds and are committed to providing a positive, safe travel experience for everyone who flies with us,” the statement continued. Despite the apology, this incident shows ignorance, discrimination and intimidation from the American Airlines employees.

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